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KiwiChat Camp 2011

November 10, 2010

The year has been flying by and I am just in the process of starting preparation for KiwiChat 2011.  Our theme for KiwiChat 2011 is “Abracadabra”.  It is exciting thinking up all the fun activities we can organise around this theme.  Just a reminder that applications for KiwiChat 2011 need to be in no later than 21 December 2010.  If you need an application form you can download it from here:

PDF form

Word form

For those who are not familiar with our camp, KiwiChat Camp’s focus is to provide intensive communication therapy in a fun camp environment.  The February 2010 camp was a complete success with feedback coming in from parents and professionals expressing the enormous amount of knowledge they gained from attending camp.

The feedback we have received from camp was extremely positive and below is a small summary of some of the feedback:

… it was an amazing experience to have so many Speech Language Therapist’s to ask questions;

… it was the most amazing experience of my life to date.  It is now my motivation and inspiration to finish my BSLT and kindled a passion to work in the AAC field;

… I loved it and learnt so much and was blown away by how amazing the families and children were;

… saw how capable these children and young adults are at using AAC and how supportive their families are;

… I gained confidence with my device;

… she saw how people used their talkers and she made some new friends;

… seeing the potential of the devices;

… it was great to network with other parents, sharing of information;

… I saw the benefits of having a supportive environment, which included everyone – families, siblings, support people and professionals.  I have never been to a camp with such a positive vibe.

We now have some slides up click to view HERE

KiwiChat Camp would like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors:

Cerebral Palsy Society of New Zealand
The Wilson Home Trust
NZ Lottory Grants
Quadprint – Colorpress Limited
TalkLink Trust


KiwiChat Camp is a residential camp for school aged children using speech generating devices and their families and carers. The primary aim of the camp is for the children using the devices to improve their device use and become much more competent communicators in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.

Intensive communication therapy is provided each morning, and the afternoon will involve activities and opportunities for everyone to practice the skills they have learnt in the morning.

A separate sibling recreation program will be conducted in the mornings, and this time will also provide an opportunity for parents/carers to discuss and work on issues around augmentative and alternative communication.

The camp will also be offering workshops for support people and parents to attend.


KiwiChat 2011 will be from 16th to 20th May 2011.  We are also investigating the possibility of holding a camp in the South Island at Hanmer Springs.  More details on this later.


The KiwiChat Camp is open to children who:

  • are of school age;
  • independently use a speech generating device such as a Dynavox V or Vmax, Dynavox DV4, Lightwriter, Tango, Springboard, Alt Chat, Dynavox Xpress etc;
  • have at least one family member/carer will be attending the camp with them;
  • want to improve their use of their device and general communication competency.


Our  2011 North Island camp will be held at Totara Springs Camp www.totarasprings.org.nz.  Totara Springs is located in Matamata, Waikato, a comfortable 2 hour drive from central Auckland.

How much?

The camp is $300.00 per family.  Arrangements can also be made for additional people, eg teacher aides to attend. Please contact us to discuss this.

If you have any questions or queries please contact:
Leesa Ross at TalkLink
Ph: (09) 815 3232 (ext 816)
Email: Leesa.Ross@talklink.org.nz

Applications close : 21 December 2010

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Having been associated with TalkLink for over 7 years through my daughter who uses an AAC device I have always been passionate about encouraging and supporting other people to use their devices to their maximum potential.

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