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Christchurch Earthquake

TalkLink Trust and People First www.peoplefirst.org.nz have been thinking about ways we can assist people affected by the Earthquake. For some people it has been difficult to explain what has and is happening around them.

Following the earthquakes in Christchurch, Michelle King, one of our Christchurch based speech-language therapists has created a social story about the earthquake. The story is in Word form so that you can customise it and add your own photos. TalkLink Trust – Earthquake Story


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Ann Smaill

Ann Smaill

General Manager, Speech Language Therapist at The Talklink Trust
I am the General Manager of the TalkLink Trust, and also a speech-language therapist. I have been working with people who have complex communication needs for many years.
Ann Smaill

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  1. Jane Wendelken
    Jane Wendelken

    Thanks Michelle!

  2. Tracey JFormosa
    Tracey JFormosa

    That’s awesome, thanks Michelle!

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