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Have you got an iPad or iPhone? If so you may find these useful.

This is a document compiled by Jane Farrall (AAC Support Services Manager) for Spectronics.  It provides information about Communication Apps and includes a star rating from Jane :   http://www.spectronics.co.nz/article/iphoneipad-apps-for-aac

This is a document compiled by Greg O’Connor (Education Services Manager) for Spectronics.  It provides information about Apps for Literacy Support and provides a description of the app along with Greg’s comments.


There are a number of other useful resources and tools on the Spectronics website.  To see more go to :  http://www.spectronicsinoz.com/

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Having been associated with TalkLink for over 7 years through my daughter who uses an AAC device I have always been passionate about encouraging and supporting other people to use their devices to their maximum potential.

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