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Interviewing for Support Carer’s using AAC

It is that time again, caregivers come and caregivers go!  Another job advert needs to be placed into a local paper and we will wait to see if anyone replies.  This time however, I used trademe.  It was cheaper than the local paper and it reached a much wider audience.  The end result was that we got about 3 potential applicants from a list of 37 that applied within the first week.  The day of the first interview arrived.  Holly and I eagerly waited to see what this new carer would be like.  Usually an interview would start with me introducing Holly and seeing how the applicants engage with her.  Holly would within 5 minutes get bored and drive away leaving me to finish the interview.  Yesterday was different.  Holly didn’t drive away and within a few minutes she was telling our potential carer all about herself, including the fact that Emma (her sister), borrows her dresses, that her brother can be annoying and a range of other personal things about our family (which reminds me I need to remove some of those secrets from her device).  It then dawned on me that this caregiver is not going to be caring for me but caring for Holly.  Why am I doing the interview?  Surely Holly should be doing the interview herself.  Obviously some guidance would be necessary but ultimately who cares for her should be her choice and decision.  So we have 2 more interviews to do and we are currently in the process of programming questions for Holly to ask potential carers.  We will tell you how it goes !

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Having been associated with TalkLink for over 7 years through my daughter who uses an AAC device I have always been passionate about encouraging and supporting other people to use their devices to their maximum potential.

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  1. Ann

    Wow fantastic Leesa. I think it is a great idea that Holly conducts the interview! Good tip about trademe too.
    Maybe the secrets and personal info need to put on a secrets page, not taken off altogether. That way Holly can learn who to share secrets/gossip with and also when it is not appropiate to do so – just a thought. You know me always thinking of ways to increase communication opportunities!

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