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Mackenzie and Minspeak

Mackenzie Kench has used AAC tools and strategies most of her life. As part of a University assignment she had to create a 10 minute documentary. Mackenzie says: “I decided to do a documentary about Minspeak, because many people I meet are baffled by how I communicate.


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  1. Gail Van Tatenhove

    FANTASTIC. Thanks for making this and sharing it.

  2. Henry Leigh

    Hello Mackenzie Kench my name is Henry Leigh I am 26 years old and have aspbergers syndrome a mild form of autism I am setting up classes for disabled people. The classes will be in Europe the website hasn’t been made yet but will be by the end of the year or latest start of next year I really like your videos on attitude TV and YouTube your an inspiration you are welcome to join after your paralympic sailing in Rio you can come and run some sailing classes
    If you want to I have been trying to get hold of you by Skype look forward to your reply thank you Henry Leigh.

  3. Mackenzie Kench

    Hi Henry,

    Sorry, I just saw your message.

    Would you be able to email me at mackenzie.kench@yahoo.com


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