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Mandy’s newest blog post

I can’t wait until  September and the weather gets warmer. I had to stop sailing as the cold air made my asthma worse. There is nothing like being out there in one of these sail boats, cruising around the harbour for making all the cares and worries go away.


The support crew are just fantastic and I feel so safe out there.  I love when the boat gets up in speed and tips over on it’s side and you feel like the world is speeding by.   Then you have to spin around to go around the marker and you feel the sails fill with wind and off you go again.


ROLL ON SUMMER!!!!!!    If you’re interested in giving this ago contact Sailability www.sailability.co.nz 


By Mandy Slade


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Mandy Slade

Mandy Slade

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Mandy Slade

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  1. Mike Hamill

    WoW – out sailing on the harbour must be so wonderful and I’m impressed with your sailing skills – it sure can blow away all the cares and worries for sure.. Sailing was also one of my passions back in the 80th – I crewed on my uncles 18 footer in the Te Anau Labour weekend regatta..

    It was great catching up with you at the ATANZ Conference Mandy. I missed you on Wednesday as I was with Chris over at the other venue.. I hope you got a lot from the Conference and now can put all the new ideas into advancing other AAC clients… I’d really like to have your thoughts on NZ Relay and communication in general for folk with speech impairments and in particular using AAC, that’s if you have the time.?

    If you are on facebook give my a friend request and we could communicate between us.. If that’s not easy for you – we could still keep in contact via email if you wish.. Anyway, it was awesome meeting you..

    Take care Mandy 🙂

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