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Cloudy Sunday – a novella by Michael Kyzriaopoulos

This week one of our TalkLink Client’s released a novella. Adrian McPherson tell us more in his review of this short story.

image taken from North Shore Times article

image taken from North Shore Times article

Cloudy Sunday – a review by Adrian McPherson

Cloudy Sunday has the makings of a classic NZ short story.  The story is about a wide-eyed but well educated 21-year-old from the East Coast, Tuatahi, who enlists in the Maori Battalion in 1941 to fight in Greece out of honour and duty, but also to extend his horizons.  Kyriazopoulos cleverly weaves in pertinent and poignant points of NZ history about the involvement of the Maori Battalion with some of the key battles they fought in.  Sheltered and hidden by locals after the Battle at Mt Olympus, seeing life outside Waihau Bay, Tuatahi has his social and political views turned upside down.  Learning about the displacement of Greeks from Smyrna and similar events throughout Europe, he questions who he is fighting for and against.  Cloudy Sunday is a very clever and wholly believable book.  It is certain that many WWII New Zealand soldiers will have had very close experiences to those of Tuatahi.


Michael Kyriazopoulos has had TalkLink support since January, 2013, after being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.  He wrote much of Cloudy Sunday using Dragon Dictate voice recognition software.  The Kindle version is on Amazon, and the paperback can be ordered through the Cloudy Sunday Facebook page.


Michael was also featured in the North Shore Times http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/north-shore-times/9494378/A-novel-approach/



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