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Motor Neurone Disease and TalkLink Trust

MNDcornflowerThe TalkLink Trust work with a vast group of people with a multitude of communication disabilities. One of the groups we regularly work with are people who have a diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease (MND). MND has a significant impact on a person’s life and many of these clients lose their ability to communicate early on. Our job as therapists is to assess that person’s communication needs and find the best solution for them.

Sylvia Henderson is one such client. Sylvia’s MND diagnosis has left her with no functional speech. She is an incredibly social lady who enjoys spending time with her family and friends and taking part in conversations. This has become more and more difficult for Sylvia as her speech has deteriorated. Following an assessment by a TalkLink Speech-Language Therapist (SLT), Sylvia was funded with an iPad Mini using a communication app called Predictable. Sylvia is still very mobile and needed a system that is easy for her to take with her into the community and to use with friends and family. She required a system not only to help her communicate when in the community but also to call for help should she or her husband become unwell. Following the issue of her communication device we asked her to tell us how the iPad Mini was impacting on her quality of life.


“Letter to Fern.

I am so thrilled to be able to use my mini iPad so generously organized for me by TalkLink. The Predictable App is amazing and I now use it every day. It’s great to use even before meeting up with people as happened this morning, when friends arrived to see us.  I was able to write down a whole list of questions to ask them and then also tell them about what was going on in our lives.  They were so interested to hear all through the voice speaking my typing on the Predictable app.   The day before, we met up with old friends for lunch and it was so helpful to take my mini iPad out with me and use it to communicate. People are most impressed with it and all think it such a great idea which it surely is for someone who has lost the ability to talk.”

At TalkLink, it is such a pleasure to hear about the positive ways our work impacts on people like Sylvia and her family.

If you would like to know more about the work we do at TalkLink Trust please visit the ‘about us’ tab on our website or call 0800 TALKLINK.

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Fern Jones

Fern Jones

Speech Language Therapist at The Talklink Trust
My passion is working with profound and multiple learning disabilities and providing communication solutions for clients and their families.

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  2. julie woodworth

    hi i have been trying to find some app that my sister can use so she can communicate with family, friends and work colleagues.. i found your apps but they only work with apple and she only has android tablets and uses windows on her laptop and pc… is there another app/program she can download to help her… she has MND Bulbar palsy thanks julie

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Julie,

      I have phoned and left you a message, please get back to me and we can discuss this further.


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