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Tip of the Month February – Guided Access on iDevices

Guided Access logoGuided Access and Orientation Lock

Did you know you can lock a user into a single app on an iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch? Want to disable the ‘home’ button? Want to stop the screen from rotating all the time? Check out February’s Tip of the Month on how to do all these things and more!

If you would like to download this Guide, feel free to grab it here – Guided Access and Rotation Lock

 In this guide:

How to turn on/off guides access

How to use orientation lock


 How to turn on Guided Access

  1. Launch Settings and select General


  1. Scroll down and tap Accessibility.


  1. Scroll down and tap Guided Access.


  1. Toggle Guided Access to On by moving the slider to the right until it goes green. This indicates that it is switched on.


  1. Set a Passcode you’ll remember.


If you don’t set a Passcode immediately, iOS will have you set one the first time you use Guided Access.

  1. Exit settings and launch the app that you want to use in guided access mode.
  2. Triple-click the hardware Home button to start your guided access session
  3. If you have other accessibility features turned on which are also activated by the triple click home feature, then a popup will appear and you will need to select guided access from the list
  4. Adjust the settings for the session. You can do the following:
    1. Disable app controls and areas of the screen
    2. Prevent the device from responding to motions e.g. switching from landscape to portrait mode when it is rotated.
    3. Turn off touch access altogether
    4. Select resume at the top right of the screen to start your guided access session
    1. Otherwise, the device will prompt you to enter your four digit passcode

How to end a Guided Access session

  1. Triple click the hardware Home button and enter your passcode
  2. Select end at the top left of the screen



How to turn on Orientation lock or mute

There is a small switch on the right hand edge of the iPad. When turned on, this can be used to either lock the orientation (stop the screen from rotating every time you turn the device) or mute the sound. You can change what this switch does by going to General Settings

Lock rotation

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