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Tip of the Month May 2015 – Apps for sharing and schedules


As the iPad app world continues to grow and develop, we thought it was time to have a look at some apps that are useful for sharing photos and videos and for visual schedules. The apps listed below are a small selection of the many that are available on the Apple App store.  These apps are useful for both children and adults. From sharing news between home and school, to showing the individual steps in a task, there are many ways the app can support your student, client or family member.


Using an App to share news can be a more personal way to reflect on the day. It is a conversation starter, and encourages social interaction. It can be used to show ways to interact with the individual, and share information about how to communicate with them.


Visual timetables are useful as they prepare an individual to upcoming tasks, ease transitions and can reduce anxiety.


Book Creator – approx. cost $6 NZDbook creator

Book Creator is a great tool to share news, create social stories and document those special activities that happen. Book Creator is available on the iPad and once a book is finished, it can be exported to share with others through PDF, or through E-Books.


Book Creator allows for photographs, videos, onscreen drawn pictures and text to be included in the book. Each page is customisable and the colour and text size can be changed as preferred.


Pictello – approx. $25 NZDpictello

Pictello allows the user to share fun, engaging stories and make visual timetables. Pictello is available on iPad’s and iPods and allows photographs to be imported. You can either record your own speech, or use the inbuilt text to speech voices to read back the story. There are also character voices to add some fun to your book. Pictello incorporates text highlighting, which highlights the word as it is read aloud. This helps with learning to read.


Books created in Pictello are able to be exported to share with others in a PDF format.


Story Creator – freestory creator

Story Creator works in the same way as Book Creator and Pictello. You are able to add photos, videos and audio recordings to a page. Story Creator also highlights words as they are read aloud on the screen. Stories are able to be personalised using a drawing tool. Unlimited books can be created and shared using email, dropbox and many more.


Choiceworks – approx. $9 NZD 

Choiceworks is a tool which helps individuals follow steps to complete tasks and routines and control their feelings and improve their waiting time. There is an inbuilt symbol library and when a choice workssymbol is pressed, the text is said aloud.


The schedule steps are able to be broken down to individual steps in a task. Each step can have a timer attached to keep the individual on task for a set period of time. Once the step is completed, it is moved to the ‘All Done’ column. When setting the task, the individual is able to choose an activity to do once the set task is completed.


Choiceworks allows for teams to work on waiting for an activity by having a timer and options for activities that can be completed while they are waiting. The timer can be adjusted to suit individual needs. There are also boards that allow for behaviour modification. They show an emotion, and suggestions that the individual can choose from when feeling the particular emotion.


There are three social stories in the app which can be printed and talked through to develop coping strategies and emotional regulation.



Visual Schedule Planner – approx. $19 NZDvsp

Visual Schedule Planner is a fully customisable visual schedule app that is designed to give an individual visual and/or audio representation of their day. A video clip can be linked to the task as a model. Visual Schedule Planner allows events to be shown in daily, weekly or month formats. There are over 1500 supplied symbols, and photographs can be used. Audio recordings or text to speech can be added to a task for auditory modelling. Once a task is completed, it is able to be ticked off. A timer is able to be added to tasks to keep the user’s attention on task.

visual schedule planner


You can get a PDF version of this Tip of the Month here



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