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Creating communication Opportunities Throughout the School day

Creating Communication Opportunities throughout the school day


 A practical course for education and health professionals, families, whanau and other interested people. This workshop looks at ways to maximise the use of low tech communication tools to support student’s expressive and receptive communication skills.

This workshop covers:

  • The essential skills you need to be a good communication partner
  • Developing a communication toolkit
  • Core vocabulary:   what it is and how to help children learn to use it
  • Modelling:  Learn how vital it is to model the use of the system and practice how to do this in a variety of contexts
  • Planning communication opportunities


Lots of practical tools, resources, tips and tricks will be shared.

Cost: $75.00 per person, parents and whanau are free.

Please email courses@talklink.org.nz to discuss your requirements if you would like to hire our specialist teacher for a small workshop at your organisation.


Central Otago – Thursday 6th September

9:30 – 2:30

Meeting Room, Cromwell Early Learning Centre, Inniscourt St, Cromwell.

Registrations close Thursday August 30th. Limited to 25 participants


Palmerston North – Tuesday 18th September

9:30 – 2:30

Ministry of Education building, 1-3 Oxford St, Hokowhitu, Palmerston North.

Registrations close Thursday 13th September.

  • Please provide the following information:





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Paula Shennan

Paula Shennan

Speech Language Therapist at The Talklink Trust
I am a Speech and Language Therapist who joined the Talklink Auckland team in November 2011. I have an interest in the area of Assistive Technology and enabling and empowering individuals to communicate using various means.
Paula Shennan

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  1. Kay Kennedy

    Thanks for this, I look forward to the course.

  2. julie bond


    can I Register Gail Walton and Holly Griffiths

    for Talk Link new Plymouth 4 august

    thanks julie

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Julie, if you can please complete the registration form on this page we can complete the process for you.


  3. Lisa Hill

    Hi There,

    I have registered for this course in ChCh but have not recieved any email confirmation? I have checked my spam folder. Can you confirm I am on this course?

    Many thanks

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Lisa, I can confirm that you are on the course. Thanks

  4. Nancy

    Looks great. I am a primary teacher in a mainstream school. Would this be beneficial for me?

  5. Colleen Green

    Hi My husband and I are trying to register for the Wgtn course, but figure how to get the form to accept our phone number?

  6. Melody de Burgh

    I am a speech language therapist and look forward to this workshop

  7. Helen Pugh

    would like to confirm I have successfully registered for the Wellington for 2 people, please.
    Helen Pugh

  8. Uma

    I have just registered for a course. I have not received any confirmation of successful registration.
    Could you please confirm?

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Uma,
      I can confirm we have received your registration. Thanks, Paula

  9. Kimberley McChesney

    Im a parent and i know its free but im bringing one of the teachers from my daughters kindy to the wellington course. If i register the teacher and she cant make it can i bring another teacher without registering them in her place.

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan


      That is not a problem, we can update the details on the day, when you arrive.

  10. Jimmy sihombing

    I’ve registered my self and my wife in Wellington.. can you confirm that we are on this course..

  11. Fiona Edwards

    Hi Paula

    I am currently working with two children using speak for yourself. Some information on how to use the programme and settings would be great. Thanks

    Fiona Edwards
    Waitaha School

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Fiona,

      Unfortunately that most likely wont be covered in this course, I can ask someone from our South Island team to get in touch with you. In the short term, online tutorials can be found here http://www.speakforyourself.org/tutorials/

  12. Nicola Willetts

    I want to register for the invercargill course but it’s not in the selection box, are there still spaces available and if so how do I go about registering?

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Nicola, apologies, this is now available to register for. Thansk, Paula

  13. P Ball

    Any sessions planned for Auckland?

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Paul, Yes, we are planning an Auckland course for term 3, watch this space! Thanks, Paula

  14. Nick Chapman

    I am trying to register 2 staff for the Gisborne workshop on 15 June but your form will not accept the phone number.

    2 staff

    Michelle maru (the teacher)


    Diane Egan (the support staff for Jai)

    1. Paula Shennan
      Paula Shennan

      Hi Nick, thanks for your message. The phone number needs to be entered with no spaces, are you able to please try again, and if no luck message us again. Thanks

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