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Important Information for People Using Predictable

 If you use Predictable, you may have noticed a recent update available to version 5 of Predictable. Although the app will function much the same, there are a few things you need to know before doing the update. If you have any questions about updating, please contact your case manager at TalkLink before proceeding.


First of all, it is advisable to do a backup of your existing setup on Predictable 4 via iTunes. For help with this, please consult the Predictable 4 QuickGuide or contact your TalkLink Case Manager.


After completing the backup, within the app store, select the ‘updates’ tab, and download the latest update available for Predictable.


Once you’ve installed the new version of Predictable, you will be prompted to create a Therapy Box account. It is highly recommended that you create a Therapy Box account to have full functionality of Predictable 5 and to take advantage of the automatic backup feature (using Predictable 5 in guest mode does not allow you to backup your data).


Create the Therapy Box account by selecting ‘Register’ and then entering your name. When it prompts you for an email address and password, please use the email address and password provided to you when you were first issued your iPad (e.g. abc12345@icloud.com). If you are unsure of these details, please contact TalkLink.


Once you’ve created your account, select ‘Sign In’ and log into the account. Once logged in, your previous information should already be there, and any changes that you make will be periodically backed up to your Therapy Box account.


If for whatever reason your information is not available, on the computer where your back up file is stored, please go to https://therapy-box.co.uk/login/ and enter your username and password. From here, you can select ‘Predictable – English’ and then ‘Add backup to cloud account’ – this is where you upload your backup file from Predictable 4.

Once you’ve done that, go into Predictable on the iPad and into settings and select ‘User’ and ‘Import existing backup’ – you will then see the backup that you’ve just loaded via the cloud account and can import and use that setup in the new version of Predictable.


Please note that your device must be periodically connected to the internet to back up your user files.


If you have any difficulties or if you have any questions – please contact your TalkLink Case Manager directly or phone TalkLink on 0800 825 554.

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