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How to make a wearable core board

Having a strap on your core board means that you can take it anywhere and everywhere and you can swing it around to your back when you need both hands to carry something or help someone to move to another location in the environment.

How to make a wearable core board

  1. Print out the core board and fringe vocabulary on A3 paper
  2. Cut real estate board out so that the core board and fringe strips have 1-2cm of space around them.

  3. Laminate everything and cut out the fringe strips.

  4. Use duct tape to tape the core board to the real estate board. Make sure that you tape the core board to the coloured side of the real estate board, so that the back side is white. You can use the white side as a visual time table or a first-next board.

  1. Punch 4 holes along the top of the fringe strips and the core board. We use a craft leather hole punch because our hole punches were not strong enough.


  1. Attach the fringe strips using large metal rings (from the $2 shop).

  2. Punch 2 holes in the top of the real estate board and attach the strap. We found straps in op shops or from bags that we were not longer using or sewed straps from webbing we bought at the $2 or Spotlight.

  1. Go out and model language on your wearable core board!



Created by Jessamy Bell (SLT) and Polly Thomas (Teacher and Trainer) January 2017

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  1. Max

    Love this! Thanks for sharing – great project for my SLT students! 🙂

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