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Tip of the Month – May 2017: Making your own visual resources using Boardmaker Online

Boardmaker Online is an affordable tool that you can use to make a wide range of visual supports quickly and easily.

Using visual strategies is evidence based good practice in supporting individuals with communication and/or learning difficulties. Visual tools can be used to help individuals in such a wide range of ways, from supporting communication, positive behaviours, independence, and to access all areas of the curriculum.













From visual schedules and positive behaviour supports to home school news activities, shared reading activities, social stories and so much more…Visuals are an essential tool to support many students. They are a great tool for teams supporting adults too.

Boardmaker software is a  tool for making all these resources but it is reasonably expensive so many teams in main stream schools working with students who would benefit from using visuals don’t have a quick and easy way to make the resources they need. Boardmaker Online may be a good solution for these teams.

You can get a monthly subscription to BoardMaker Online for just 9.99 per month (US dollars). You can cancel this subscription at any time. Alternatively you can pay 99.00 (US) for the annual plan which commits you for a full year.

All you need is to be online to use the Boardmaker software and be hooked up to a printer so you can print your creations.

You can also get a 30 day free trial so you can give it a go and see what you think.

How to register for Boardmaker Online

  • Download a 30 day free boardmaker online trial or sign up for your monthly or yearly membership here…


  • There are great training quick guides and online video tutorials here…


Look for the tutorials and ‘how to’ videos section.



Here is the link to a quick guide to get you started so you can get going with the basics straight away…


Happy resource making



Linda Hodgdon. Usevisualstrategies.com


To download the May Tip of the Month click here


Created by Polly Thomas (Specialist Teacher) on 21/4/2017


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