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KiwiChat Sibling Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

By Tracey Winstone

We recently attended the Talklink sibling camp and was really impressed with it and would definitely go to another one. Initially I was a bit worried how my children would feel going to something like this during the school holidays but everyone at Talklink made it really fun with games and entertainment and so my children were very keen to go back for day 2. The first day was for the siblings and I know my children, Jessica and Jacob really enjoyed having an iPad with TouchChat WordPower to use for themselves for the whole day, meeting other children and doing something that was just for them.

When Amelia and I attended for day 2 she was excited to see what the other kids had been doing at sibling camp and about the circus theme. It was really great to see how proficient Jessica and Jacob are with communicating with the iPad and also to see how others communicate with their brother or sister. For Amelia I know she particularly enjoyed ordering the ice-cream sundae with her device and some of the fun games. The day was great for her too as everyone had communication boards and everything was so visual.

My children are still humming the circus song that was played during the camp and are making more attempts to communicate with Amelia.


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