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Tip of the Month – August 2017: Vision Accessibility Features for iOS Devices

Vision Accessibility Features for iOS Devices

iOS has built in features to help blind or low vision users get the most from their device. 

To access these features you need to go to

Settings > General > Accessibility

Below are some features that will assist your everyday use:

Font Adjustments

  • In iOS 7 and later you can change the size of your font in Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Phone, Notes and other apps that support Dynamic Type.
  • You are able to adjust the size of your text and make it.


  • Zoom is a built in magnifier that works wherever you are in iOS.
  • You can choose between ‘Full Screen Zoom’ or ‘Window Zoom.’
  • In full Screen Zoom, you require the use of 3 fingers to move around screen and adjust features.

Invert Colours and Greyscale

  • If a higher contrast or a lack of colour helps you see better on the screen, you can adjust colours to assist.

Speak Screen

  • If you have a hard time reading the text on your iOS device, you can use Speak Screen to read your messages, email, web pages and books to you.
  • You can adjust the voice’s dialect and speaking rate and have the words highlighted as they are read.


  • If you have difficulties seeing the letters on the keyboard, you can tap on the microphone button and say what you want to write. iOS software will convert your speech to text.

Voice Over

  • Voice over is a gesture-based screen reader that lets you access the device even if you can’t see the screen.
  • Voice over allows you to hear a description of everything that is happening on your screen, simply from touching different locations.
  • You are able to adjust speaking rate and pitch to suit you.


  • Siri can also be used to launch apps, compose messages (text/email), call people, schedule meetings and tell you what you have on that day.


To download the August Tip of the Month, click here.

Created by Tara Mills (Occupational Therapist) on 28/08/2017

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