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Tip of the Month – June 2018: Voice Control of Mobile Phones

Voice Control of Mobile Phones

People can often struggle with using their mobile phones with their hands for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Decreased upper limb function/movement
  • Visual problems
  • Decreased hand function/dexterity
  • Tremors
  • Decreased cognition

It is a lot more common for people to own ‘Smart Phones’ these days, which, with a little bit of set up, can allow the user to manage a range of tasks using their voice to control and dictate into the phone.

To set up and use the Voice Controls/Commands click on the Phone links below:

S Voice (Samsung Galaxy) Siri


Ok Google now




Eva (Android)

To activate Tap on Home Key twice

Or say

“Hi Galaxy” if set up.

Hold down the home key,

Or say

“Hey Siri” if set up.

*Requires phone to be charging to work except iPhone 6s onwards.

Press microphone on screen,

Or say

“Ok Google” if set up.

Click on search box,

Or say

“Hey Cortana” if set up.

Click on icon,

Or say

“Eva” if set up.

Make a Call “Call Charlie Mobile.” “Call Dad at work.” Communication

“Call Paula.”


“Call Wife on Speakerphone.” “Call Peter Smith”, or you can be more specific “on Speakerphone.”
Message “Text Katie message, Are you free for dinner tonight.” “Text Pete, See you soon smiley exclamation point.”

“read my texts”


“Text Paula.”



Text mum, What time is the birthday party?” “Text Katie, Are you free for dinner tonight.”
Emails N/A with Outlook. “Read my latest email.”

“Send Email to Bob.”


“Send Email to Daniel.”

N/A with Outlook.



Send email to Dad.” “Email Peter Smith.”
Calendar Events and Task. “Set up a meeting about sales report at 9 am Thursday.” Time and date


“Create a Calendar event.”



Create meeting with Tyrone at 2pm tomorrow.” “Make an appointment for the doctor on Thursday at 10am.”


Reminders “Remind me to buy milk today.”


“Remind me to buy milk.”



Notes and reminders.

“Remind me when I get home to call John.”

Remind me at 4pm to submit my time sheet.”

“Remind me to book a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.”

Alarms “Set Alarm for 8 O’clock.” “Wake me at 7am.” Notes and Reminders.


“Wake me up in 30 minutes.”

Set alarm for 7.30am.” “Set alarm for 7 am.”


“Wake me up in 30 minutes.”

Note: None of these voice control options allow you to answer a phone call by voice. To answer by voice, you require an external headset with voice answer capabilities, such as a Bluetooth Plantonics Voyager.

To find out more information about these different voice control systems, follow these links below:





OK Google








To download the June Tip of the Month, click here.

Created by Mark Dewar Occupational Therapist on date 9/4/2018

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