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Glen Dixon

Auckland Regional Manager

I have had a long standing interest in the area of technology and disability sector. Coming to work at TalkLink has really been the perfect fit in bringing these areas and related skills together.

I have previously worked as an Occupational Therapist in both acute and community based health settings since 1998.  Exposure to multiple workplace and multidisciplinary team environments has provided valuable experience across a range practice areas including, wheelchairs and seating, hand therapy, worksite ergonomics, and adaptive building design. I have assisted with individual, family and community based projects, and also provided training packages to support workers and other education facilities. Joining TalkLink in 2006 provided the opportunity to combine the various compatible skills and familiarity with funding processes to explore assistive technology options for people with disabilities.

I was appointed as Manager at TalkLink’s Auckland office in September 2007. This role has two components. The first of which remains client focused with assessment, application and training of communication and assistive technology.   The second part of this role is with managing Talklink’s Auckland based service. Primary responsibilities involve developing and supporting staff to meet and excel with service standards in the area of communication assistive technology. I manage incoming referrals and allocation, manage budget allocations, and help develop service initiatives with projects and general processes in general day to day operations. Regular contact with the TalkLink General Manager provides continued support and alignment with the vision set by the Talklink Trust Board.

Technology will always continue to change and develop, making both old and new ideas to become reality. This will continue to broaden the access and freedom for those with disabilities; making it a continually rewarding area to be involved in.

Occupational Therapist

As an occupational therapist within the team, I am involved in the assessment of functional abilities of clients in regard to their independent physical access to both written and spoken communication technology. Some of my main activities are advising on the positioning of the person, placement and mounting of assistive technology onto wheelchairs and other locations. I also advise in the area of alternative computer access software and hardware. This includes rate enhancement software and voice recognition software, telephone access, switch access for communication devices and computers, wheelchair tray design for integrated switch and/or communication incorporation, and alternative call bell alarms.

I have specialised in this area within TalkLink since graduating from Auckland University of Technology with a BSc in Occupational Therapy in 2000. I have attended and presented at Assistive Technology forums both in New Zealand and Australia. I bring to the position a strong background in practical problem solving, construction and design.

Chris-02-Feb2016Occupational Therapist

I am an English trained Occupational Therapist who graduated in 2006 and moved to New Zealand in 2008. I have experience working within a range of hospital settings in England (including orthopaedics, acute neurological rehab and  rheumatology / hand therapy), but have predominantly worked in a Community OT role in New Zealand completing assessment of functional ability and carrying out interventions including complex equipment provision, housing modifications and wheelchair and seating. Having carried out Postgraduate study in Accessibility & Inclusive Design I gained a strong interest in the use of technology and environmental design and their potential application in increasing independence, social inclusion and occupational performance. I believe that the ability of a person to communicate within and interact with their environment is central to minimising disability and social barriers.

I joined TalkLink in March 2014 in order to work in a setting that allows me to further expand and implement my learning in assistive technology, and provide a client centred service to meet client goals.


Occupational TherapistTara Mills

I joined the Talklink Team in 2015.   I became an Occupational Therapist as I had an interest in helping people engage and participate meaningfully in everyday activities. 

For the past 3 years I have been based in a Special School setting for students aged 5-21. I was instantly drawn to assistive technology, when I saw how it empowered students to communicate and participate in meaningful activities. The smile on their faces and the  positive impact on their wellbeing is truly rewarding.



Magnus-02-Feb2016Speech-Language Therapist

I joined the TalkLink team in 2003 and as a speech-language therapist my role is assessment and development of clients’ communication skills. As part of the TalkLink process I make recommendations regarding communication devices and strategies, arrange equipment trials and provide ongoing assistance and training for clients and carers. In addition to this I’m also involved running additional training courses and in organising our “Communicators Days”, which provide opportunity for children from all over the Auckland area to join together and have fun using their communication equipment and strategies.

I am Swedish by origin but trained at University College London and worked in the UK prior to coming to New Zealand in 2000. I have worked privately as well as in public healthcare and school environments. I have experience of working in paediatrics with children with speech and language delay and communication disorders including autism and have also worked with adult clients, primarily in rehabilitation of neurological conditions and traumatic brain injury.

Speech-Language Therapist

I am a Speech and Language Therapist who joined the Talklink Auckland team in November 2011 after working with the Wellington team since February 2010.

I completed my studies at Massey University in Auckland in 2009. I have had experience working both with Paediatric and Adult clients in the education and health settings throughout my clinical placements.

I have an interest in the area of Assistive Technology and enabling and empowering individuals to communicate using various means.


Fern jonesSpeech-Language Therapist

I joined TalkLink in November 2011. I have worked as a Speech and Language Therapist since 2008 working mostly with the school aged population. I studied at City University London and my first job was working with mainstream school children in North London. I moved to Auckland in February 2011 and spent my first 8 months working as a contractor for GSE Auckland City. In all my roles I have worked with AAC (low and high tech) and also provided training to internal and external groups.

My passion is working with profound and multiple learning disabilities and providing communication solutions for clients and their families. I am also passionate about raising awareness of speech, language and communication needs across both the child and adult populations. I am looking forward to facing new challenges and working in an area that is constantly changing.


Speech-Language TherapistPolly(Mar2014)

I graduated from the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2003 with a Bsc (hons) in Speech Pathology and Therapy. After a year travelling through and volunteering in a children’s charity in Africa, I began my speech therapy career in 2004 and worked with children and young adults with complex needs in a special school in West London. In 2008, I took a post in the health service again in West London and worked across a number of paediatric services developing specialities in working with complex speech and language difficulties and supporting children with learning difficulties and Autism in educational settings.

I joined Talklink trust in November 2012 after moving over to Auckland from the UK. I have always had a keen interest in working with complex needs and I enjoy problem solving with my clients, their families and their care or education staff to find the right communication support to meet their individual needs. I am excited about joining a highly specialist service in an area of communication support which is constantly evolving.

Jessamy Amm17-05-16Speech-Language Therapist

I was born in Zimbabwe and moved to New Zealand in 2001.  I graduated from Massey University in 2011 as a Speech Language Therapist and started working at a special school and a mainstream school in Auckland. While working in special education I completed my Post Graduate Certificate in Emergent Literacy for Students with Complex Communication Needs.  Throughout that time I worked with several TalkLink therapists to assess, trial communication devices and provide training for students and their families who required alternative communication systems and strategies to support and enhance their communication. The more I worked in the area of augmentative and alternative communication the more passionate I became about it.  I started working at TalkLink’s Auckland office in October 2013.


I am passionate about providing the right communication solution for clients and their families, whether it is giving advice on strategies or making recommendations about low or high tech communication systems.  Another area of interest is helping to provide students with access to a comprehensive communication system in order to support development of their literacy skills.

Speech-Language TherapistKate Mentis

I joined the Talklink team in January 2014 after completing my degree in Speech Language Therapy at Massey University. I have always had a keen interest in assistive technology, and have gained some valuable experience with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) throughout my study and clinical placements in preschools, schools, hospitals, rest homes and in other areas of the community.

During my study, I attended the Spectronics conference in Australia, in 2012, and became inspired by people who used AAC. I am passionate about working with clients, their families and wider support teams to find the right communication support and I am looking forward to working at Talklink in a constantly adapting and developing area.

Speech-Language TherapistEmilie Logan

I completed my Masters in Speech Language Therapy practice in 2010 after doing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Spanish, both at the University of Auckland. Following this I worked as a speech language therapist in a special school for 3 and a half years with students aged 5-21 with a range of complex speech, language, swallowing and learning difficulties. A large part of this role involved working alongside teams to implement AAC in the educational setting. The difference I saw low, mid and high tech communication supports make to the well-being, level of participation and overall happiness and confidence for children and their families was extremely rewarding and motivating.

I am passionate about languages and communication and how AAC can make such a positive impact for people with communication disorders. I particularly enjoy working with a variety of different teams across settings and with both paediatric and adult populations. After spending some time overseas travelling and volunteering with children in Central America I am very excited to be further developing my skills in the field of AAC as part of the TalkLink team.


Sam-02-Feb2016Speech-Language Therapist

“I have come onboard the TalkLink team as a graduate at the start of 2016, having completed my Speech and Language Therapy degree at Massey University. Assistive technology has always interested me, as it is an area that will continue to grow and develop.

I have gained valuable experience by working in public hospitals, special schools, and outpatient settings.

I am passionate about working with both children and adults with communication difficulties, especially in the area of autism and degenerative diseases. For the past year I have worked privately with two boys with autism to assist them and their family to communicate more effectively with the use of a high-tech device.

I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, teams and families to help them achieve their full potential.”


Bridget-02-Mar2016Speech-Language Therapist

I joined the TalkLink team in March 2016. Prior to this I worked as a Speech Language Therapist for The Ministry of Education for 4 years supporting children with a range of moderate to complex communication needs within numerous education contexts. I have had experience working with adult clients in both hospital and community health settings during clinical placements. Before gaining my Masters in Speech Language Therapy practice from The University of Auckland in 2011, I completed a BSc(Hons) and travelled around the world for 3 years.

In all roles I have enjoyed working with clients and their teams to help identify appropriate learning and communication solutions. I have experience using both high and low tech alternative and augmentative communication systems and am passionate about empowering children and adults to access functional communication and participation in all areas of their daily lives.


Technical Support

I’ve always had a great passion for computers. From an early age I learnt to program, repair and modify computers for both entertainment and work related tasks. In fact, I can often still be found tinkering around with old classic arcade machines. With such interests, I went on to formalise and enhance my skills and completed a diploma in systems technology.

Despite these avid interests in all things computer related and techy, my working life for the last 10 years has also centred around the health sector and community; from care giving, mental health support roles and even art therapy. Work tasks have always revolved around communication in some form or another, so coming to work at TalkLink was a great way to combine my skills and interest areas.

My primary role at TalkLink is to support staff and clients on anything with computer hardware or software; from computer repairs and diagnostics to dedicated communication devices and training of specialised software. I am also the administrator for all backend TalkLink servers. Keeping everything running smoothly is no small task as technology changes and improves and TalkLink continues to grow.

Alex-02-Feb2016Technical Support

I started working for TalkLink in 2011. I’m the other Tech/Admin Support person for TalkLink Auckland. I mostly deal with maintenance, preparation, and repairs of TalkLink’s and Client’s AAC devices. I also maintain/develop a small amount of TalkLink’s IT infrastructure.

I’ve been interested in computers and mobile tech since a young age and find myself learning a lot of valuable, and interesting, skills and knowledge working at TalkLink.

Rouan_April_2015Assistive Technology Technician

I am passionate about language, communication, and technology, and working at TalkLink has enabled me to combine my interests in these fields.

My interest in language and communication began while I was studying at The University of Auckland. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2010, and went on to complete a PGDipSci in Speech Science in 2014.

My passion for technology has been long-lasting, and I have developed a particular interest in how technology can improve people’s lives. This drew me naturally to the area of assistive technology.

Prior to coming to TalkLink, I worked in linguistics and speech science research at The University of Auckland, in addition to applying my expertise in technology across a variety of academic and professional settings.

My role as Assistive Technology Technician involves managing and maintaining AAC equipment, assisting therapists in setting up technology for their clients, and working with TalkLink’s other technicians to ensure that technology and workflows are running at their optimum.

Mandy Slade

Clinical Assistant.

I have been a user of Assistive Technology for a number of years. Since graduating from Mt Roskill Grammar in 2002, I have been working at TalkLink in a clinical assistant role to support staff. I am responsibility for developing communication resources including creating symbol resources on BoardMaker, and programming communication devices.

Office AdministratorCheryl D'Silva


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