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Tip of the Month July 2014 – Supporting Receptive Language

Language and communication is complex and often challenging for our early communicators. Early communicators are people of all ages who do not have a reliable method of expressive communication through symbolic language.

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Tip Of The Month – Gesture Dictionary

Gesture Dictionary

The first questions that I ask of teams on initial visits following a new referral include “How does X communicate with you?”, and “How do you usually know that X is enjoying something or doesn’t want to do something?”.

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Tip of the Month May – Visual Schedules

Visual schedules come in all shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of reasons at home, in school or in a vocational setting. No matter what they look like, the key is the active use of the schedule! The best visual schedules are referred to throughout the day, and changed regularly. Are you starting out with using visuals in this way? Do you need to freshen up or update a current system? Jessamy Amm (TalkLink SLT) has put together this useful guide to help you on your way.

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Tip of the Month April – How to backup and restore your iDevice

Regularly backing up any system you are using is important as you never know when technology will play up. There is nothing worse than having to start from scratch if you lose something, and when we are talking about someone’s communication system, you really do not want to start all over. April’s tip is all …

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Tip of the Month March – Staying Motivated

Unsure of how to carry over skills learned in one environment into another? Check out March’s Tip of the Month. Michelle gives some great simple and practical tips that she has found useful in her practice.    March 2014 Tip of the Month

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Tip of the Month January – Sharing News from the School Holidays

School holidays are coming to an end! Here is a simple idea to support your child share their news from an exciting holiday period. use these templates on their own, or as a starter for a scrap book to share at school or kindy.

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Tip of the Month December – Supporting Emergent Communicators

Are you working with a client who is in the early stages of communication development? Not sure where to start? This month’s “Tip of the Month” is all about working with emergent communicators.

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Tip of the Month November – Touch Cues

Are you looking for new ways to support someone’s understanding? Touch Cues may be a great tool to add to your ‘toolbox’ when working with people with significant or complex needs. Touch Cues

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