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Tip of The Month February 2015 – Powerlink Ideas

Do you have a Powerlink already? Maybe there is one in a cupboard at school or maybe you have one but are just running

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Tip of the Month January 2015 – Remnant Books

Remnant Books – How to Share a Message in a Tactile and Visual Way By Jane Wendelken-TalkLink Teacher/Trainer For some people, sharing some news or information with someone else is tricky. It may be that the person does not have the language available to them, or that they are not able to access this language. Perhaps this person needs to

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Tip of the Month December 2014 – Communicating at Christmas

Tip of the Month – December 2014 Tips for talking about Christmas by Fern Jones (SLT) It is that time of year where conversations turn to all things Christmassey! Here are some ways you can join in with all the Christmas festivities with your communication systems. Happy holidays! Help me write my Christmas list or a letter to Santa Even

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Kiwichat Day Resources – Super Heroes

In Term 4 2014, our Kiwichat Day theme was Super Heroes. We watched some of our favourite heroes on screen and talked about what makes them super, described what was happening and made comments about each video clip. Super Hero comments We made our own super hero masks and chest plates. We talked about our …

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Tip of The Month October – Early Writing for Emergent Communicators

Early Writing for Emergent Communicators As we know, there are many skills required to become a successful writer. Some of these include: understanding the purpose of communicating an idea in text, planning and expanding on this idea and physically producing some text so that it can be understood by an audience. When we think about an emergent writer in the

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Texting, Emailing and Social Media on your Device

But wait… there’s more! Did you know, that as well as being a communication device, there are some added extras that your device may be able to do? Some communication devices and iPad apps allow you to have access to social media, internet browsing and emails? There are also dedicated communication devices that can also send and receive text messages

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Tip of the Month July 2014 – Supporting Receptive Language

Language and communication is complex and often challenging for our early communicators. Early communicators are people of all ages who do not have a reliable method of expressive communication through symbolic language.

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Tip Of The Month – Gesture Dictionary

Gesture Dictionary

The first questions that I ask of teams on initial visits following a new referral include “How does X communicate with you?”, and “How do you usually know that X is enjoying something or doesn’t want to do something?”.

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