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TalkLink Services

Assistive Technology

TalkLink are providers of quality assistive technology services.

Defined as, “any item, piece of equipment or system that is used to increase or improve functional capabilities of people with disabilities”. In the context of the services provided by the TalkLink Trust this includes options to help with speaking, writing, learning and controlling the environment.

Assistive technology equipment includes both low technology options and high technology options.

Examples of low technology options include:

  • word or picture boards and communication books, to assist a person who has difficulty communicating by speech.
  • writing aids and accessible phones.

High technology options include:

  • Speech generating devices to assist with speaking.
  • Specialised software and hardware to help people communicate and learn.
  • A range of switches, keyboards, pointing devices and computer access software.

Services provided by TalkLink include:

The Client assessment service process:

  • Specialist assessments, to determine goals, skills, areas of difficulty and possible tools to enhance communication, learning and increased independence.
  • Assistive equipment trials, as part of the specialist assessment process.
  • The completion of funding applications for assistive technology.
  • Training and support in the use of communication strategies and technology.

Other services:

  • Consultation meetings with clients and allied professionals.
  • Information provision, by telephone, fax, internet and e-mail, and through training courses and seminars.
  • Workshops and seminars on different aspects of assistive technology.
  • Support packages to schools and other service providers.

TalkLink have regular events about Assistive Technology

TalkLink are unable to:

Provide funding for Assistive Technology equipment; sell or loan equipment or provide a therapy service.

  • Hold any funding for the purchase of assistive technology for our clients. TalkLink is only able to determine appropriate equipment options and then support a funding application to an appropriate funding agency.
  • Have authority to approve funding from any source. The decision to approve or decline funding is made by the funding agency concerned.
  • Sell assistive technology; it is purchased from established commercial vendors.
  • Loan assistive technology equipment, except as part of the TalkLink assessment process.

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