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Trial Evaluation Form

Trial Evaluation Form

  • Thank you for choosing to complete this form online. After trialing a piece of equipment, it is important to consider its effectiveness across a variety of different areas.

    Please fill in the following form with the help of the user and other people who observed or worked alongside the user during the trial period (communication partners and others).

    Please provide examples of usage where possible.

    Note that most of the comment areas, allow multiple lines of text, even though the boxes appear small.

    There are several questions/sections that are set to require a response. This information is very important to use as we move forward in the process. We appreciate your time in completing this form as fully as possible.

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  • Please indicate whether the user was able to use the device to engage in the following language/communication functions. Add comments as appropriate. It is useful if you can provide (in the comments sections) some examples of things the user actually said using the device.
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  • At the beginning of the trial, we set some goals as points of particular focus for the trial. These should have been given or sent to you at, or soon after, the beginning of the trial. In the boxes below, please briefly state the goal and then comment on progress towards that goal during the trial.(include examples of actual messages if possible). Use as many of the boxes as required to comment on your goals.
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  • No two devices have the same features. When deciding which device best fits our client's particular needs, it is important to consider which features are of benefit to the client, which are not, which of neutral value, and which are not required/relevant for the user. The following is a list of some of the features to consider for this user. Please indicate if you think the device trialed meets the needs of the user with regards to these features. Feel free to add comments and to add additional features in the space provided. Please note: this is important information, so we do require a response against each feature to give us as much information as possible. We recognise that some features are not relevant for some users, please simply mark those as Not Applicable.
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  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please now complete the verification process below and then use the SUBMIT button to submit this form to TalkLink. We look forward to continuing to work with you.


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