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Liz MessinaRegional Manager, TalkLink Lower North Island


Liz’s role as Regional Manager is complemented by her responsibilities as the senior speech-language therapist in the Wellington office. These two roles are both challenging and rewarding as she leads the team across the Lower North Island

Liz’s personal philosophy is to enable all people to be the best that they can be. To that end, she sees her role as ensuring that clients get the best quality of service as possible, and helping to create an environment within TalkLink that supports personal growth for all staff. This means that staff are supported to ensure that the team can grow professionally through ongoing education, training and career development. The aim is for TalkLink to continually improve the quality of services it provides to clients.

Administration Manager – Technical Support

Al has had many years of experience in administrative roles and his keen interest in technology aptly enables him to fulfill this demanding role. His job has responsibilities including the establishment and maintenance of all system requirements in consultation with clinicians and the Management Team. His skills are essential in resolving issues with the in-house technical systems as well as providing prompt solutions for client equipment.

His administrative role include the oversight of a smooth running system which ensures that all administrative requirements are fulfilled and ensure professional barrier free access to services by clients, their support staff and families..

Graphic Designer

Following the completion of her a Diploma in Graphic Design, Ruth has had extensive experience in her field. She develops and creates all of the design for low technology communication systems. She selects the content of, and produces graphical communication documents using specialised computer programmes. These documents are used in communication boards or books and as pictorial overlays in high technology communication devices.

Administration and Equipment SupportClaire-Thorntonweb

Following her career as a social worker which involved her in the support of children and families, Claire joined TalkLink in 2012. In the very busy role of administration which includes the management of the client referral process, she provides excellent support for the whole team in all administrative functions.

Pauline Green - 12-8-16Occupational Therapist

Pauline joined the TalkLink team at Wellington in January 2009. Prior to this, she studied sports and therapeutic massage, and sport and recreation in Hawkes Bay. Ultimately deciding to study Occupational Therapy, she subsequently graduated from Auckland University of Technology in 2008

As the senior Occupational Therapist on the TalkLink Lower North Island team, she is involved in assessing the functional abilities of clients in regard to supporting their independent access to both written and spoken communication technology. Pauline provides support to staff with her Occupational therapy expertise.

Speech-Language Therapist

Janet has just re-joined the Wellington team in a part-time role. She graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a major in Education. She also studied at the University of Canterbury, completing a Bachelor of Speech-Language Therapy (Hons).

She has worked in a variety of settings with both children and adults with communication delays and disorders. This has included working in healthcare settings/hospitals and with the Ministry of Education, with preschool and school aged children. She has experienced a range of communication and learning needs and worked with a number of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems. She finds it exciting to see how communication and learning can be transformed with different AAC systems.

Janet will be providing speech-language therapy services for TalkLink LNI in the Hutt Valley.

Kate CharlesworthwebOccupational Therapist

Kate recently graduated as an Occupational Therapist from the Otago Polytechnic, when she took up a position at Dunedin Hospital. She is also completing an Occupational Therapy Honours programme and is enjoying the balance between clinical work and study. Her studies are related to the application of video game technology, and its use as an intervention in clinical practice.

Kate is providing support to clients in the processes of training, equipment trials and client support.

RosannaSpeech-Language Therapist

I have returned to the Lower North Island TalkLink team for two days a week after two years of working in the United Kingdom and travelling. I worked for the TalkLink Trust Wellington from 2011 to 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed empowering a diverse range of clients to communicate through Augmentative and Alternative Communication.

During my time away I worked in East London with a wide range of children with complex needs, speech disorders and language delay. As part of this job I led an AAC clinic and continued to develop my passion for working in the AAC field.

I am happy to be back working at TalkLink and look forward to working with you and your whānau.

Speech-Language Therapist

Ruth O'Dwyerweb

I have recently moved to Wellington from Australia to commence my position as a Speech Language Therapist for the TalkLink Trust.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology at Griffith University Gold Coast in 2013, and became particularly interested in the link between communication and behavior.

In 2015 I completed a Master of Speech Pathology at the University of Melbourne, and commenced my career in a private multidisciplinary practice in rural QLD.

My experience here predominately centred around paediatric language, social skills and emotional awareness for children with language delays and ASD.

I am looking forward to settling into my role in Wellington for years to come., and learning all things AAC to ensure effective and enjoyable communication can be accessed by our clients.

Speech-Language Therapist

I moved to Wellington to join the TalkLink team as a Speech-Language Therapist after completing a Master of Speech Language Therapy Practice at the University of Auckland in 2016.  Prior to this, I completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Education and Linguistics and spent time working in public service communications.

Throughout study, travel and work I have developed a passion for language, communication and supporting people to engage with their communities better while promoting access for all.  During my graduate studies I also developed a special interest in alternative and augmentative communication which has led me here.

I am looking forward to working with our clients and their families to enhance their communication experiences as our field continues to advance in exciting ways.


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