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Making your V or Vmax Internet & Cellphone accessible

Dynavox V and Vmax

Internet and Cell Phone Information


You can plug in directly using the built in internet port on the side;  or

You can purchase an extra Compact card that slots into the left side of the V or Vmax for Wireless access.

The costs

For wireless internet you will need a  Compact Flash card.  You can purchase this from Humanware http://www.humanware.com/en-new_zealand/home for $175.50.  There are other USB wireless adaptors for significantly less but they stick out quite a bit and are prone to breaking.

Cell Phone

For text messaging you first need a Bluetooth adaptor to communicate with the phone.

Then you will need the phone itself.  It is vital to get the phone right as not all cell phones are equal in fact most cell phones will not work with this setup.  Fortunately it’s not all bad as there is a list, although outdated you can still pick up second hand devices, for any new devices you need to take your Vmax into the Vodafone/Telecom store and test to see if it works before you purchase.

The costs

For Txting you first need a Bluetooth adaptor, it’s important you get the right one here as it must use the native windows drivers, all other are very much hit and miss.

You can find the right one at Dick Smith here http://www.dse.co.nz/dse.shop/4c1818ba016ea2ee2740c0a87f3b06ea/Product/View/XH8884 you could probably get these cheaper if you shop around.

As for the phones if you stick to the advice above you can’t go wrong.  Compatible list below from the Spectronics website.

Compatible Phones (tested)

Company Models
Sony Ericsson T610, Z520a, S710a, W600i
Nokia 6102i, 6103
Motorola L2, V195, RAZR V3

This is a list of phone models that may work, based on the model similarities; this list is just a guideline – the actual phones have not been tested.

Possibly Compatible Phones (NOT tested)

Company Models
Sony Ericsson Z525a, W300i, K510a, W810i, S700i, K700i, K700c, P910a, T637, T630, T616, T618, T628
Nokia 3600, 3620, 3650, 3660, 6230b, 6255i, 6256i, 6310i, 6600, 6651, 6670, 6682, 6820, 6822, 7370, 7380, 8801, 9300, 9500, N70, N80, N91, N-Gage, N-Gage QD
Motorola V360, PEBL

This is a list of phone models which are not compatible with the DynaVox V Series.

Incompatible Phones

Company Models Company Models
BlackBerry 7130e, 8700, 8100 LG CG300
Samsung SGH-T809 Nokia 6620
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