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Tip of the Month (June 2010) Linking a Button to a Website

Before you can gain access to the internet from your device you need to first establish how you will be connecting to the internet. You may either connect a network cable to the Ethernet port on the left side of the device, or use a wireless network adapter to access a wireless connection.

If you decide to go wireless you will need to purchase either a USB wireless adapter or a Compact Flash. Just note that if you are going with the Compact Flash ensure you purchase a standard Compact Flash, some wireless adapters are larger as they are not intended for use with a PC card slot. These adapters will not fit in the V or Vmax.

A recommended one that we have used at TalkLink successfully is the AmbiCom, WL54-CF Compact Flash. You can purchase purchase these from Humanware (http://www.humanware.com/en-new_zealand/home), telephone 0508 225 5734. The cost was approximately $179 including GST.

USB wireless adapters are cheaper but you may find that you need to install drivers.

Linking a Button to a Website

*Note: The website example I am using is http://www.starfall.com/

1.            Select the green Modify button in the title bar

2.            Select the button you want to modify

3.            Type a label (ie. Starfall)

4.            Select a symbol or drag and drop an image onto the button

5.            Select the behaviours button

6.            Select the Miscellaneous category of behaviours

7.            Select the Launch an Application behaviour and then select Add

Note: These instructions are going to use Firefox as your browser. If you haven’t got Firefox on your device you will need to download it.

Here is the link for downloading Firefox http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ie.html

8.            In the left viewport, select the plus sign next to the “\” folder

9.            In the left viewport, select the plus sign next to Program Files

10.          In the left viewport, highlight Mozilla Firefox

11.          In the right viewport, highlight firefox.exe

12.          Select OK

13.          A keyboard will appear. Type in the web page address (www.starfall.com) or any website that you want and select OK

14.          A keyboard will appear again. Select OK without entering anything.

15.          Select OK to back out of the pages.

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Having been associated with TalkLink for over 7 years through my daughter who uses an AAC device I have always been passionate about encouraging and supporting other people to use their devices to their maximum potential.

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