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Tobii C8

Tobii C8

Communication is key Charlotte with Tobii C8

Tobii C8 allows people with communication disabilities to achieve their full potential. They can communicate via text or symbols to generate synthesized or digitized speech for face-to-face interaction or connect through email, text messages or chat.

Users also have the freedom and flexibility to write and edit documents, surf the Internet, play music and games, control a TV, DVD and other household appliances (additional equipment required) and even plan and manage their time – making independence easy.

Your choice of software

The Tobii C8 allows users to select and implement the most appropriate software language options and settings for fast and effective communication. At any time a user can decide to alter these choices or upgrade the system or software to accommodate their changing needs and interests.

The Tobii C8 includes Tobii Communicator Standard edition package, which allows for communication via text, or with over 15,000 SymbolStix ® icons. Tobii Communicator Premium, an upgrade, includes email, text messaging, and environmental control.

Easy to set up, easy to use

Personalized setup is simple, and only takes a few minutes. Multiple user profiles can even be stored on a single device making it ideal for use in the classroom and for those wanting separate user settings depending on the time of day.

An extremely portable device

The Tobii C8 is lightweight and can easily be carried between home, school or work, or can be mounted and used on a wheelchair. It allows users to be active on the playground or in their community by offering hot swappable batteries, a moisture resistant construction, silent operation, powerful stereo speakers, and a flat and easy to clean screen.

With no protruding USB sticks, cables, or adapters the design is not only sleek and attractive, but also less distracting, and less susceptible to damage.

Personalization made easy

The Tobii C8 is easy to personalize. The interchangeable colored side panels can change the appearance of the device from discrete to colorful in seconds.

Medicare approved

The Tobii C8 is Medicare approved and easier to obtain than you might think. Just give us a call and we will walk you through the funding process.

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