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Tip of the Month (November 2010) : Locking Down Device to Avoid Accidents

There are a few ways to avoid users from accessing or making changes within the Windows environment on a V or Vmax.

Firstly: You can set your device to “Act Like A Closed Device”.    This will prevent the user from exiting the Series 5 software and accessing the Windows side of the device.  The down side of this is that if you have buttons with the “Launch an Application” or “Open a Document” these will not work as the device will be unable access them.

Secondly: If you still need to access the Windows environment (you use other software on your device) but are having trouble with programs being deleted or system changes being made then a recommendation we have had from Spectronics is to purchase a product called “Deepfreeze” (NZ$65.11).  Here is their website :  http://www.deepfreeze.com.au/index.html

Instructions on making your device “Act Like a Closed Device”

1.       Select the blue Main Menu icon from the title bar.

2.       Select Setup.

3.       Select Setup Menu.

4.       Select Interface Features.

5.       Select the Advanced tab.

6.       Select the check box for the option Act Like a Closed Device so it displays an X then select OK. You will be asked to enter a password.

7.       Type in the password using the system keyboard then select OK.

8.       You will be asked to verify the password. Type it in a second time then select OK to exit the system keyboard.

9.       Select OK to exit all of the open menus


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