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My KiwiChat Camp Story by Deanna Herbert

Happy to be out of the schoolroom for the week, I grinned and whooped as Mum and I arrived at Totara Springs camp in Matamata.  I was excited.  I knew that there were going to be lots of fun times to be had this week if I was brave enough to try.  Nervously, I got out of the car.  And looked around at my new surroundings.  Mum and I dropped our bags in our room, then headed to the hall, where everyone was gathering.  Worrying that I knew no-one, I glanced at Mum for reassurance.  Three older girls came up to us and introduced themselves.  They were going to be our helpers.  I relaxed.  It was going to be OK.  We went over the programme and organised our gear, then headed to bed early, knowing 6:30 am starts were expected all week.  There were so many things to do.  I especially enjoyed racing down the hydroslide, performing in the concert, and lying on the floor in the dark on movie night with my new friends.  I wasn’t so keen on creating silly putty, or finding things in the scavenger hunt.  I laughed when Bronwyn’s face was smeared with chocolate sauce in fear factor.  A highlight was spending my hard-earned “kiwicamp” money at the shop and buying make-up to wear at the disco.  Roll on next year’s camp.  I’m up for it.

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