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ATANZ Conference 2013

8 & 9 October 2013
Peachgrove Intermediate, Hamilton


Assistive Technology – Empowering living and learning


For the first time, the Assistive Technology Alliance New Zealand (ATANZ) is collaborating with ULearn to offer a two-day conference.


Registrations and Call for Presentations


Showcasing assistive technology, and ULearn buzz

As the line between assistive and mainstream technologies blur, people with disabilities and special needs are increasingly using innovative solutions to support their daily living and learning. In response to this trend, the new conference format offers participants all the benefits of a specialist assistive technology conference with the excitement and buzz of ULearn day 1, where the latest innovations in mainstream and teaching technologies are showcased.


Who can attend?

The ATANZ conference is open to both ATANZ members and non-members and is relevant for anyone working with people with disabilities/special needs and those with an interest in inclusive practices.


What you can experience

  • The first conference day will focus on the use of both assistive and mainstream technologies to meet the needs of students with disabilities/special needs (including those with complex needs).
  • The second conference day with be delivered in collaboration with CORE Education’s ULearn (ULearn day 1) and will offer broad perspectives and practices that utilise current technologies to support the inclusion, participation and achievement of all.  It will specifically include workshops that are designed with ATANZ members in mind.


The conference will help you to build the participation and achievement of all and:

  • Consider the ways in which mobile technologies (such as the iPad) can be used to support communication, living and learning
  • Explore the latest innovations in vision technologies and the way mainstream technologies can support people who are blind or have low vision
  • Investigate ways that technology can support learning and inclusion for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Explore a range of apps to support people with disabilities
  • Transform learning environments to include all learners
  • Showcase the latest assistive technologies (both hardware and software solutions)


Register Here: http://community.events.core-ed.org/login


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