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KiwiChat Day Resources Animals and Pets

Our KiwiChat Days in Northland have been really successful. In Term 2 our theme was animals and pets. You can read more about the activities we got up to on our blog.

Here are some of the low-tech resources we used to talk about our activities.

Art Activity board

Visual Timetable

Who wants to be a millionaire – animal theme

We used this awesome clip from Happy Feet for our final “Who wants to be a millionaire” quiz.



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Fern Jones

Fern Jones

Speech Language Therapist at The Talklink Trust
My passion is working with profound and multiple learning disabilities and providing communication solutions for clients and their families.

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  1. Pariya Behnami
    Pariya Behnami

    Awesome stuff & thanks for sharing the resources!!

  2. The TalkLink Trust
    The TalkLink Trust

    You are welcome Pariya!

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