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AAC Courses 2015

The TalkLink Trust has continued to run a number of courses designed to assist people who use or support the use of AAC tools and strategies during 2014. Feedback from these courses has been very positive and we will continue to run a number of AAC related courses during 2015. We will run these courses throughout New Zealand and we welcome contact from people who would be interested in helping to organise a course in their region.

For a list of current course’s and to register please click the Courses Tab or click here.

The courses include:

Creating Communication Opportunties Throughout the School Day

Supporting Students to Communicate Successfully (CAMP)

Supporting Adults to Communicate Successfully (CAMP)

Learn to use Boardmaker Software

To learn more about CAMP visit http://www.camp-training.com/index.html  This website has been created by Julie Tan, who developed the CAMP acronym whilst working for the TalkLink Trust.

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