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KiwiChat Day Term 2 – Auckland

The Term 2 “Senior” Kiwi Chat Day in Auckland saw a huge turn-out and was a great success! The Monster themed Kiwi Chat Day at Sommerville School. Everyone made at least one new friend and hugs were shared at the end of the day as well as plenty of great conversation on iPads, core boards and other devices.


“This brings back memories!” laughs one of the adults as the Monster Mash song comes on the speakers and the group is instructed to “shake your whole body” to the music. Students choose their favourite dance moves and everyone gives them a go. One girl beams as she “pulls a wheelie” on her chair and the rest of the crowd spin their wheels or arms enthusiastically.

After morning tea and the Monster Mash boogie, the group split into two and read monster stories or made their own monster from crafts and playdough. This provided a great opportunity for the KiwiChat attendees to practice requesting craft items, or talking to their new friends about the monsters they made or saw in the books. Afterwards, the students all watched and comment on a monster video, and wrote a letter about their day.



As an SLT student it was awesome to see all of the different high- and low-tech communication options the group was using, and the way each one had been tailored to suit individual needs. Some students were more confident in using their AAC than others, but all had plenty of support. It was great to see all of the awesome adults working together to make sure the KiwiChat students could find what they needed on their devices and say what they wanted to say. There was plenty of great modelling as well as chatter and laughter, and everyone went back to school with a smile.

Thanks to everyone who came along or helped to organise the day! I felt very lucky to be a part of it and am looking forward to the next Kiwi Chat day with another great group!


Amy Rosenfeld

SLT student Auckland University

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Paula Shennan

Paula Shennan

Speech Language Therapist at The Talklink Trust
I am a Speech and Language Therapist who joined the Talklink Auckland team in November 2011. I have an interest in the area of Assistive Technology and enabling and empowering individuals to communicate using various means.
Paula Shennan

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