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KiwiChat Day Christchurch, Term 3 2016

KiwiChat Olympians: A Golden Day

Once a term in Christchurch, TalkLink run a KiwiChat group for primary school students, secondary school students and young adults. These are a great opportunity for people to come together and share stories and experiences using their communication devices and tools. This term we struck gold and had a special guest, Olympic Gold Medallist Athol Earl, at our senior KiwiChat group. Athol won gold in the rowing in Munich in 1972, and brought his tales and his two medals to share with our very own young “Olympians”. This was an amazing opportunity for the students to ask some very relevant questions about what it felt like to win gold. Athol described it as “you know that feeling you have on Christmas morning, it’s like that but a hundred times better”. While the students were asking their questions, they also had the opportunity to wear Athol’s Olympic medals.

kc olympics









Our “Olympians” were also privileged to have SLT students from the University of Canterbury join the ceremonious festivities to support them to use their devices. KiwiChat group attendees used their devices to get the SLT students to dress up in Olympic attire, and perform various Olympic sports. The attendees enjoyed this activity and there were lots of laughs. Following this, our “Olympians” created their very own Olympic Events, which we are still unsure as to why they have not been included at the Rio games! A couple of our personal favourites were “Ice Cream Wheelchair Races” and an “Olympic dance-off with fairies”.

kc olympics n1









We were very impressed with all of our Olympians questions and the extent of language that was being used on the day. If you are interested in coming along to our next group, keep an eye on your email or contact the TalkLink South Island office. We are looking forward to the next KiwiChat days in Term 4 and hope you are too.kc olympics 2

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