Tip of the Month April 2017: Symbols in AAC Systems

Symbols There are a number of different published symbol set options available for use on both high tech communication devices and for creating low-tech resources These include PCS/Boardmaker symbols (Mayer Johnson), Minspeak icons (Semantic Compaction System), Symbolstix (N2Y Inc.) and others (please see this link for a more detailed summary of symbols options). The use …

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Tip of the Month – September 2017: Teaching ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ to Confirm or Reject

Teaching ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ to Confirm or Reject   Why teach ‘YES’ and ‘NO’? Yes’ and ‘no’ are an important part of communication. We use these to accept/reject things, confirm information, make choices, and more. Some people with complex communication needs are not physically able to point directly to objects or symbols to communicate what …

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Tip of the Month – August 2017: Vision Accessibility Features for iOS Devices

Vision Accessibility Features for iOS Devices iOS has built in features to help blind or low vision users get the most from their device.  To access these features you need to go to Settings > General > Accessibility Below are some features that will assist your everyday use: Font Adjustments In iOS 7 and later …

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KiwiChat Sibling Camp – A Parent’s Perspective

By Tracey Winstone We recently attended the Talklink sibling camp and was really impressed with it and would definitely go to another one. Initially I was a bit worried how my children would feel going to something like this during the school holidays but everyone at Talklink made it really fun with games and entertainment …

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Tip of the Month – June 2017: Using Google Chrome Voice Typing

Free, very accurate, easy to use speech to text tool for google docs Google voice typing (also called speech to text or speech recognition software, lets you type and edit by speaking in google docs (also works with google slides speaker notes).   Google voice typing only works with Chrome browsers.   NB…A few important …

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KiwiChat Sibling Camp 2017 – Part 2 of 2

KiwiChat Camp is run biannually at Totara Springs Christian Camp. During the previous Camp in 2016, it became apparent that siblings needed more support and training in order to have fun with communication and also to learn how to be a good communication partner to their brother or sister who uses AAC.  Therefore, KiwiChat Sibling …

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KiwiChat Sibling Camp 2017 – Part 1 of 2

We were very excited to host our first ever Circus themed KiwiChat Sibling Camp in the April school holidays.  Sibling Camp was a two day experience designed to provide siblings of children who use AAC with the opportunity to: Connect with other siblings of children who use communication systems. Learn more about using communication systems. …

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Seeking Speech-Language Therapist (Parental Leave Cover)

Are you a motivated Speech-Language Therapist who enjoys technology and wants to join a specialist team? The TalkLink Trust is currently seeking expressions of interest from experienced speech-language therapists who have, or who wish to gain, advanced skills in the area of assistive technology. We are soon to have a 1-year fixed term vacancy to …

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Tip of the Month – May 2017: Making your own visual resources using Boardmaker Online

Boardmaker Online is an affordable tool that you can use to make a wide range of visual supports quickly and easily. Using visual strategies is evidence based good practice in supporting individuals with communication and/or learning difficulties. Visual tools can be used to help individuals in such a wide range of ways, from supporting communication, …

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