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Please complete all sections of the referral form if you are seeking a new assessment, re-assessment or training

Download the Microsoft Word form, fill out and send to  your nearest region.

If you do not have Microsoft Word, please download and install Open Office first.


CAT Support Request

TalkLink can provide assistance to assessors who have or are seeking Communication Assistive Technology (CAT) Level 1 credentialing, equipment trial, and to those who have equipment which needs to be setup and asset labelled.
Please download and submit the following form to initiate a request for assistance.

Microsoft word Referral formSupport Form

Client Service Process


  1. Referral
    • When we receive your referral, you will be sent a letter acknowledging the referral.
    • If the referral is urgent then we will see you as soon as possible.
    • Sometimes there is a wait for the assessment and we will let you know the estimated wait time.
  2. Assessment
    • You may invite other people to attend your assessment appointment with you.
    • A TalkLink case manager will manage the assessment & will explain the process with you.
    • We will talk about your needs and abilities with regard to communication.
    • We will discuss strategies & show you potential equipment.
  3. Equipment Trial
    • Often it is a good idea to try the different equipment options to find out what works for you.
    • Once the trial process is complete, then TalkLink in consultation with you & your team, will select the most cost effective equipment option for you to meet your needs.
  4. The TalkLink case manager submits a funding application.
    • If the funding is approved, then the equipment is ordered and delivered to TalkLink (or directly to yourself). We then set up the equipment and train you and anybody else you would like, on how to use the equipment.
  5. We will then review needs 3 and 12 months after you receive the equipment.

Do you need help with the referral form?

Fill out our online help form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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