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Welcome to The TalkLink Trust

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  • TalkLink works with people of all ages who, due to a disability, have difficulties with speaking, writing, learning and/or with controlling their environment.
  • The TalkLink Trust has contracts with the Ministry of Health and ACC which allows TalkLink to offer free specialist assessment services to eligible clients.
  • The TalkLink team is able to provide services throughout New Zealand, and usually travel to meet with their clients in a location chosen by the client.

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Creating communication Opportunities Throughout the School day

Creating Communication Opportunities throughout the school day A practical course for education and health professionals, families, whanau and other interested people. This workshop looks at ways to maximise the use of low tech communication tools to support student’s expressive and receptive communication skills.

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Seeking Occupational Therapist

If you are a motivated Occupational Therapist who enjoys working with technology and is wanting to join a specialist team, then this position could be for you.

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Tip of the Month February 2017: Prompting

  Prompts are cues designed to support a person using a communication system take up a communication opportunity.  It is easy to fall into the trap of wanting a person to use their communication system so much that you jump in too quickly and over prompt them using physical, verbal and visual prompts. Over prompting …

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Benefits of attending an AAC SIG

Once every term Polly Khushal, Meryl Bowen and Kristy McCullum organise a Special Interest Group (SIG) at the TalkLink Auckland office for people using AAC in Education and Health settings. Participants are mostly SLTs but on occasions there have been a few keen OTs, PTs and teachers who have attended some meetings. These meetings are …

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Tip of the Month January 2017: Co-Scripting ideas for children

Active learning is vital for students with complex communication needs. If a child is a passive learner, no neurological pathways are being laid down so limited or no learning is being achieved. Often we spend a lot of time asking these children constant YES/NO questions in a testing context. Also we are sometimes not sure …

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Being involved in CAGs: The experience of an SLT student

Being involved in the Communication Abilities Group (CAGs) at TalkLink in Auckland highlighted the power of support groups and networks for adults with communication difficulties. As a Speech Language Therapy (SLT) student, I was fortunate enough to participate in CAGs this year. CAGs is a group for adults who use low and high tech multimodal …

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Review of Linda Burkhart workshop

  Several of us at the TalkLink Trust were lucky enough to attend a two-day workshop presented by Linda J. Burkhart in October this year. What a fantastic couple of days! Linda has such a wealth of knowledge and experience in teaching children with complex communication needs. As a teacher, I found it particularly refreshing …

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Tip of the Month – December 2016 – Christmas

Tips for talking about Christmas by Fern Jones (SLT) It is that time of year where conversations turn to all things Christmassey! Here are some ways you can join in with all the Christmas festivities with your communication systems. Happy holidays! Help me write my Christmas list or a letter to Santa Even if writing …

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