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Welcome to The TalkLink Trust

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  • TalkLink works with people of all ages who, due to a disability, have difficulties with speaking, writing, learning and/or with controlling their environment.
  • The TalkLink Trust has contracts with the Ministry of Health and ACC which allows TalkLink to offer free specialist assessment services to eligible clients.
  • The TalkLink team is able to provide services throughout New Zealand, and usually travel to meet with their clients in a location chosen by the client.

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KiwiChat Camp 2016

In February 2010 the first ever KiwiChat Camp was held at Totara Springs Camp in Matamata and due to the overwhelming success, KiwiChat Camp was repeated again in May 2011. We plan to run another Totara Springs Camp at the beginning of 2014.
In 2012 we had planned to move KiwiChat Camp to Christchurch in order that students from throughout the

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Tip of the Month May – Apps for sharing and schedules

  As the iPad app world continues to grow and develop, we thought it was time to have a look at some apps that are useful for sharing photos and videos and for visual schedules. The apps listed below are a small selection of the many that are available on the Apple App store.  These apps are useful for both Read More

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Creating communication Opportunities Throughout the School day

Creating Communication Opportunities throughout the school day A practical course for education and health professionals, families, whanau and other interested people. This workshop looks at ways to maximise the use of low tech communication tools to support student’s expressive and receptive communication skills.

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Tip of the Month April 2015 – Modelling

Tip of the Month April 2015 Modelling By Fern Jones (SLT) Language learning is a fun and exciting time. Parents will often share stories of interesting things their child has said or phrases that have been picked up from ‘mum and dad’ talk. We all learn language through exposure to it via relationships we make with our primary care givers.

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Lusi’s Story

I have had the pleasure of knowing Lusi for many years now. She was one of our founding TalkLink clients and when she showed us her latest Touch Compass production we knew it was important for us to share her inspiring story. You can view Lusi’s video here

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Tip of The Month February 2015 – Powerlink Ideas

Do you have a Powerlink already? Maybe there is one in a cupboard at school or maybe you have one but are just running

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